The Best of The Best Marine Chargers

Years of experiences, mistakes, research and time on the water has allowed me to put together my recommendations for you.

Nothing can top a day out on the water with your boat and a few good friends. However , a good day can turn bad if your battery doesn’t hold up to the occasion.

That is why we have compiled this list of the top marine battery chargers in five different categories that pair well with our best trolling motor recommendations There is a charger for every need as the occasion arises so the five categories we chose for this research are:

  • Best overall Marine/Deep Cycle Charger
  • Best Onboard Charger
  • Best Solar Charger
  • Best Portable Marine Charger
  • Best Trolling Motor for Canoe
  • Best 3 and 4 Bank Charger

Why You Can Trust Me…

Searching through websites and magazines searching for the right charger can be a daunting task. Reading customer reviews and product comparisons are time consuming.

I’ve have taken the liberty to view and compile our information along with analytics to follow sales trends and customer satisfaction to compile a quick reference for you the consumer to buy the best marine battery charger for your needs.

How To Choose A Trolling Motor

To Choose the right trolling motor you will need to know the application in which it will be used, i.e., Jon Boat or Kayak.

By identifying what application you will know more about the mount you might need whether Transom, Bow, or Engine mount. This will lead to the next area to choose from the length of the shaft.

Shaft lengths vary depending on the mount and style of the boat, but some motors have adjustable shafts making it easier to find a universal motor.

Trolling motors also come in a variety of speeds and thrust. Most common trolling motors are not concerned as much with speed as they are thrust. Thrust has to do with the amount of power that is applied to push or pull the vessel through the water whereas speed is a determination of prop pitch and motor R.P.M.

This is how the list for best trolling motors is defined here in this article.

To recap here is a listing for looking :

  • Application for use
  • Mount type and location
  • Shaft Length
  • checkSpeed/Thrust needed

Our Recommendations

Best Overall Marine/Deep Cycle Charger

ProMariner 43012 Pro Sport 12 Amp 2-Bank Battery Charger

ProMariner has a versatile charger that fits almost all occasions. This charger is waterproof which is a must being on a marine vessel. It delivers a fast efficient charge in a lightweight package. This may not be a portable charger but it is compact and easy to use.

Safety is essential in battery maintenance, ProMariner 43012 has advanced troubleshooting built right in to cover any issues clearly and effectively. It will determine battery health, connectivity, and can detect and show you if there is a fault and on what bank the fault is showing.

All around this charger is a good price for all that it offers and will get the job done correctly when you need it most.

Key Features of the ProMariner 43012 Pro Sport 12 Amp 2-Bank Battery Charger

  • 12/24V, 12 AMP, 2-Bank
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • checkDistributed on Demand Technology to maximize the efficiency of each charging cycle.
  • checkAdvanced troubleshooting technology for faster maintenance.
  • checkReconditions all batteries on board once a month to maximize battery life.
  • checkSafety designed for protection against overloads, over-voltage, over-temperature, and reverse polarity and ignition protection.

Best Onboard Charger

Minn Kota MK 330D On-Board Digital Charger

Minn Kota is no stranger to the marine battery charging world.

The MK 330D has a reputation of being a great charger. This Minn Kota’s come in 1-4 Banks and will get your batteries charged safely and ready for the next day in no time. The MK330D is a three bank charger packed with safety features.

This charger is affordable and dependable not to mention there is a variety of sizes so you do not have to cook a battery or your charger.

For dependability and reliability this is a great charger. Built tough made for work it is a must have.

Key Features of the Minn Kota MK 330D On-Board Digital Charger

  • 30 AMP total output
  • Convenient onboard mounting
  • Multi stage charging
  • checkAutomatic temperature sensing and compensation
  • checkDigitally controlled microprocessor design (Protects your batteries so you can stay on the water)
  • checkUp to 2X faster charging in high temps.
  • checkSaltwater resistant and tested  to be fully corrosion resistant
  • checkWaterproof, and shock resistant
  • check12V, 24V, or 36V
  • checkMeets all FCC standards and UL listed to Marine standard

Best Solar Charger

Renogy 100-Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit

Going solar is a tough market to judge what should be ranked or not. The issue that you run into is whether we are talking about just buying a solar panel or a controller etc.

So for the purpose of this article I chose a kit that covers all the bases of converting to solar marine charging systems.  Renogy made it easy to switch to Solar.

Renogy has 100W and 20AMP MPPT controller capable of outputting 500Wh per day making charging on the go easier. The controller uses Maximum Power Point Technology  that can transfer energy as much as 30% more effectively than other brands. The system is even expandable if more is needed.

They offer a substantial 25-year power output warranty along with a 5-year material and workmanship warranty. Customers rave over the effectiveness of this charging system and we believe you will as well.

Key Features of the Renogy 100-Watt 12V Monocrystalline Solar Starter Kit 

  • High Solar Cell Efficiency
  • Equipped with multiple electronic protections; overcharging, overload, short circuit, and reverse polarity.
  • Expandable
  • check20 or 30 AMP MPPT Controller
  • checkWarranty

Best Portable Marine Charger

NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2A UltraSafe Smart battery Charger

Noco has a great market for portable battery chargers. The Genius G7200 is small enough to fit in your pocket yet strong enough to conquer all of your charging needs.

Safety is key with any charging device NOCO has a wonderful technology that comes standard on the UltraSafe Smart chargers. It will actively monitor your batteries health and repairs discharged and sulfated batteries to improve health and efficiency in battery life.

All of this in a portable 3.5 lbs 4.3 X 5 inch package. This is by far the most durable, compact, and reliable portable charger out there on the market.

Key Features of the NOCO Genius G7200 12V/24V 7.2A UltraSafe

  • 12V and 24V capabilities
  • Compact 3.5 lbs 4.3” X 5”
  • Built in Microcomputer to actively monitor batteries for safety issues
  • checkAutomatically minimizes energy consumption
  • checkSpark proof technology as well as reverse polarity protection
  • checkCan remain connected 24/7 safely
  • check LED indicators give the visual state of charge read out
  • check UV and Water Resistant
  • check Lightweight

Best 3 and 4 Bank Marine Charger

NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V 4.4AMP 4 Bank UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

NOCO made the list twice this time for their durability, quality and performance. The UltraSafe models provide superior excellence in safety and performance.

This 4 bank charger is no different but it adds to the package a safe and efficient way to charge 4 times as much as a single bank charger.

This gets the job done faster and you get to stay on the water longer. 6V and 12V 4-Bank charger with all of the safety features to boot.

Key Features of the NOCO Genius G4 6V/12V 4.4AMP 4 Bank UltraSafe  

  • 6V and 12V lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries
  • 4-Banks
  • Actively monitors batteries for health
  • checkProtects against reverse polarity and overcharge protection
  • checkSpark Proof technology
  • checkBuilt in micro-computer for safety and effectiveness
  • checkUV and Water Resistant

The lists could go on for days when it comes to chargers. This is a compiled work effort to find the best chargers all around for each category. The important thing to remember when it comes to chargers is to find the one that fits your specific needs and hopefully this list will be a guide to assist you in that specific task.

Find the best charger for your trolling motor and get out on the water. Feel free to use the comments below if you have any questions.